Common Problems People Face In Addiction Recovery

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Getting sober isn’t just about not using drugs and alcohol anymore. It’s also about establishing a new lifestyle that supports your recovery. However, successfully completing a drug and alcohol rehab program and re-entering society as a sober individual does not come without its own unique challenges.

We at Iggy’s Sober Living believe that there is always a solution to every problem. Understanding some of the common challenges people face in addiction recovery may provide clearer insight into a life in recovery. This is why we have written down common problems faced by people in addiction recovery and how to fight through them.

In early recovery, clients are very often engulfed with fear, most commonly with the fear of failure and not being able to stay clean and sober. The solution to the problem of fear is faith. Faith in the program, whichever program they are following, faith in those that are succeeding, and getting active in their program. Helping others is the most successful when it comes to staying clean and sober. It requires a lot of effort, time, and bravery to confront these issues head-on and address the deep-seated issues that have contributed to your addiction.

Relapsing is one of the biggest challenges many addicts in recovery face both during and after rehab. Cravings, stress, anxiety, and old acquaintances can all be potential threats when you’re trying to stay sober. Fortunately, drug and alcohol rehab is designed to help you with this. Even if you have a relapse during or after rehab, reaching out for help from your peers, working with a sponsor with long-term sobriety, and putting your faith in a higher power will help you get back on track quickly.

At some point during their journey of recovery, every addict reaches a more comfortable place where they feel more confident about their ability to remain sober. After a while, however, recovery can feel like a routine, and boredom and complacency can set in. This can also be overcome by getting active in your recovery. However, humility is a proven fact. ‘When I’m able to help someone and not expect anything in return, I am practicing humility.’ It is very important for you to be grateful for the people that have helped you, for family members that have stayed supportive of your recovery, and for having the opportunity to get better. This mindset can keep you grounded and focused.

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