Daniel Sims

Daniel started his career in Addictions counselling at New Beginnings Sober Living. During this time Daniel has worked with many individuals who suffer from Active Addiction, Childhood Abuse, and Trauma.

Daniel is highly respected and has an established presence in CA. He's involved in area, and is a Proud Member of the program. Daniel has 4 years of sobriety under his belt. He has proven success with helping clients through personal issues and most of all, getting their life back. Daniel enjoys helping clients set proper goals and overcome barriers in their recovery.

Daniel cares about his community and sees his fellow addicts as family. He has chosen to dedicate his life and shares his personal experience with overcoming addiction into an opportunity to help others recover from addiction. Through honesty and the hardball "Face the facts" Program, Daniel is not afraid to give clients honest feedback. His experience of over 4 years in Recovery, multiple 12 step completions, and personal growth has provided him with a firm foundation for both his own recovery and the skill and knowledge to help others. Daniel looks forward to continuing his experience working with clients and most of all, giving them the hope every client deserves.